A beautiful, bright smile will make you more attractive, helps you look younger and make a better first impression. So whether you have a job interview, going on a first date, or even your wedding, here’s how to make sure that your smile is as ready as you are!!


Teeth Whitening in a Pinch!!


There are many websites about DIY teeth whitening and over the counter products.     But they really only remove the external stains on the tooth surface. So unless you are willing to Destroy your enamels, and risk Permanent Harm to your teeth, let the professional dentist handle it.

Laser Smile:

  • Completely safe and can give you a result of an average of 9 shades lighter teeth in about 45 minutes
  • Long lasting treatment: Normally LaserSmile professional teeth whitening stays effective for 1-2 years.
  • The shorter treatment avoids excess heat and sensitivity common to other whitening devices.
  • During the procedure your eye will be protected by a proper protective glass.
  • Your teeth will be isolated and your gum will be protected by a dental dam to avoid the irritation of the soft oral tissues caused by the product.
  • You will receive an at-home kit that has custom fitted trays.


Sapphire Light:

  • Safe, quick very effective and can only be done through a licensed dental office.
  • Whiten teeth 10 shades in one easy visit for 60 minutes.
  • The gel is applied first on your teeth and the sapphire light activates it, to propel the stain removal system.
  • You will receive an at-home kit that has custom fitted trays.




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