Looking to get a bright smile without visiting your dentist?

Here’s a closer look at the untold dangers of 7 do-it-yourself whitening methods.


Baking soda


What you risk:

  • Worn down your enamel if used too frequently.

“Unlike most toothpaste, it doesn’t contain fluoride to prevent decay, so you definitely shouldn’t use it as a substitute.”




What you risk:

  • Permanent damage to your enamel.

The dentist weighs in:

“No way. Lemon is very acidic and can dissolve your enamel.”


(Orange peel may be slightly less acidic than lemons, but it’s the same terrible idea. Moving on.)





What you risk:

  • Soaking your teeth in apple juice, or apple cider vinegar will wash away your enamel right along with those stains, because of the acidity.


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)


How it works:

An at-home bleaching attempt , Hydrogen peroxide penetrates enamel and causes an oxidation reaction, breaking apart the molecules staining your teeth.


What you risk:

  • Tooth sensitivity and irritation of the soft tissues in your mouth, especially your gums.
  • H2O2 can cause stomach irritation and vomiting.
  • H2O2 can cause irritation of the gums and other oral tissues.


Sea salt

sea salt.jpg

What you risk:

  • Using salt will lead to remove a layer of enamel.

Because of the abrasive nature of salt, you may remove some surface stains, but if you’re sensitive to sodium or watching your salt intake, it’s probably best to avoid this questionable method.


Activated charcoal


What you risk:

Abrasion is the major concern. Although there’s little research on charcoal used alone, a Malaysian study found that villagers who brushed their teeth with a charcoal and salt mixture had “distinct forms of abrasion cavity.


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